There are different types of pigmentation.

  • Sun spots (liver spots / age spots) and freckles are caused when the skin has been repeatedly exposed to UV light. These brown spots occur when excess melanin is produced to help protect the skin from UV light.
  • Melasma is a hormonal pigmentation which usually occurs during pregnancy or when taking contraceptives, but can also be due to medications or a reaction to cosmetics.
  • Post-infammatory Hyperpigmentation usually occurs due to an inflammatory skin response as a result of e.g. acne scarring or an injury to the skin. By using a Tyrosinase Inhibitor, this type of pigmentation can be reduced.

IPL Photo Rejuvenation effectively reduces skin pigmentation in approximately 3-6 visits. The heat of the light is absorbed into the melanin and breaks down the pigment at its core.

After your IPL treatment, the skin pigmentation or sun spots will gradually fade and slowly disappear, however in some instances the pigment may appear darker as it heals itself whilst in other cases it can flake up in a bid to eliminate the pigment in an external form.

IPL Photo-rejuvenation also stimulates collagen production, thickening and firming thin skin. Our M22 IPL is at the forefront of IPL technology. Developed by Lumenis with a wide range of filters.